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Our bridging programme is intended for fresh graduates and alike who are interested and looking for opportunities in the banking and financial sector. As Myanmar continues to progress on it’s financial and foreign policies, the sector is promising for graduates to pursue careers as certified banking professionals. This programme sets the foundation and prerequisite or advanced and postgraduate courses and specializations.

Programme Benefits

For students

  • For some of us, getting to know banking and finance can be intimidating. This bridging programme serves to break down the complexities and barriers with an approach that students are able to grasp an understanding of banking and the sector.
  • To support life long dreams of students and benefit the community at large.


For the workforce

  • Bring about lower employment costs in the long run.
  • Support Myanmar youth and talent by hiring and providing training.
  • Increase workforce productivity.
  • Improved employee retention rate.


F101  Ethics in Banking

F102  Principles of Banking

F103  Products & Channels

F104  Customer Service Quality

F105  Fundamentals of Bank Accounting

F106  Central Bank Rules & Regulations

F107  Business English Communication

F108  Personal Grooming

Ongoing Modules

New Hot

F101 Ethics in Banking


This module deals with business ethics and compliance. Specifically, it considers the moral principles underlying business ethics and argues in favor of deontology, where motives matter most when the bank adopts a customer-centric strategy. It also establishes a link between business ethics and customer trust, which is a determinant of customer loyalty necessary for selling other products to the customer.


F104 Customer Service Quality

18 Hours Post Graduate

This course determines the fundamentals of customers service quality, its relationship to customer loyalty and resolution of customer service failures via a GAPS model.


F102 Principles of Banking

18 hours

This course provides a basic understanding of banking products, as well as bank management and structure. Participants will learn the fundamentals of risk management and internal control in banks and gain an understanding of the changing landscape of banking.

New Hot

F107 Business English Communication


The student will learn how to communicate on a business level, both in english and native language, and be able to provide a professional service to customers and colleges.