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F104 Customer Service Quality

About Instructor

This course determines the fundamentals of customers service quality, its relationship to customer loyalty and resolution of customer service failures via a GAPS model.

Program Description

This 18 hours module will teach you how to provide professional customer service. Over the course of five in-depth units, students will learn customer service ranging from a brief history journey to resolution of customer service failures.

The five units which make up the course are:

1. A Brief Historical Journey – Customer Service in Retail Industries in the US and Europe

2. Drivers of Customer Service Quality

3. Linking Customer Service Quality to Customer Satisfaction

4. Linking Customer Satisfaction to Customer Loyalty

5. Resolution of Customer Service Failures – The GAPs Model

Program Benefits

After the course students will be able to link customer service quality to customer satisfaction and customer loyalty. Students will moreover learn to give excellent service customized to a specific client.

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