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Certified Wealth Manager (CWM)


About Instructor

The Certified Wealth Manager (CWM) is an internationally recognised education programme for professionals in the wealth management industry. Intended for client advisors in the areas of Investment advisory, Financial planning and Wealth management, the programme covers the necessary core competencies required in today’s rapidly changing markets. The qualification is awarded by the Association of International Wealth Management AIWM, an international professional organisation for wealth managers, portfolio managers, investment advisors, asset managers and trust and estate practitioners worldwide. The AIWM has partnered with MFC to introduce the CWM in Myanmar in 2017. In cooperation with the AIWM, MFC is the exclusive provider of the CWM Final Examination and its intensive course in Myanmar.


The knowledge acquired in the course will allow candidates to:

  • define key factors for identifying the customer’s situation and his/her needs
  • define an investment strategy based on the client’s individual needs
  • understand the core principles of portfolio management/construction
  • describe the main steps of the investment process and evaluate portfolio return
  • explain the principle features of the financial instruments and their use in the investment process
  • explain the main characteristics of the different types of risks of financial instruments
  • Understand general principles of taxation of financial instruments

CWM students will automatically become a student member of MFC and AIWM and will therefore have all of the benefits of membership, such as

  • invitations for MFC/AIWM events
  • access to a network offering you worldwide opportunities and personal growth


Wealth Management

  1. The management of wealth
  2. Wealth accumulation, discovery and marketing
  3. Understanding a client’s risk tolerance
  4. Introduction to the portfolio management strategy
  5. Portfolio management process
  6. Fundamental analysis
  7. Technical analysis
  8. Analyzing and selecting mutual funds
  9. Analysis of non-conventional asset classes and their structures
  10. International investing
  11. Basic information on portfolio solutions
  12. Management of the investment risks
  13. Portfolio monitoring and performance evaluation

Financial Instruments

  1. Money market
  2. Bonds
  3. Equity
  4. Forwards
  5. Futures
  6. Options
  7. Funds
  8. Structured products


  1. Introduction to the standard income model for financial instruments
  2. Calculation of taxable income from equity-like financial instruments
  3. Calculation of taxable income from bond-like instruments



The Certified Wealth Manager CWM is a diploma set at degree/graduate level with a strong practical focus. It is aimed at financial, legal and other professionals who are or want to work in the wealth management industry and are keen to develop their in-depth knowledge and expertise. CWM is tailor-made for:

  • Private bankers
  • Compliance officers
  • Customer advisors
  • Investment advisors
  • Financial planners
  • Wealth managers
  • Asset managers
  • Relationship managers, etc.


  • Examination – 2 hours multiple choice (MCQ) exam
  • Dates – June and November 2018


Certified Wealth Manager (CWM) is awarded internationally by the Association of International Wealth Management.

The CWM is a prerequisite to the Certified International Wealth Manager (CIWM).