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Omega Performance has provided training to financial service organizations worldwide since 1976. Omega Performance has partnered with MFC to introduce the Credit Performance Certified Professional in Myanmar in 2018.

This program is designed to develop high-performing commercial lenders, analysts, underwriters, and loan reviewers who are able to identify and analyze opportunities, assess and mitigate risks, and structure and manage commercial loans. Participants integrate their knowledge of credit risk and through well-planned customer conversations, get an understanding of a customer’s needs. E-Learning courses along with instructor-led Skills Application Labs (SALs) maintain high learner interest that enhances subject understanding.

Program benefits:

  • Build an analysis-driven, risk-focused team
  • Increase your market share of high-quality commercial loans

For Who?

The program is geared towards professionals who work in the commercial banking industry and are keen to develop their in-depth knowledge and expertise in lending. The program is tailor made for:

  • Branch Managers
  • SME/microbanking sales managers
  • Credit analyst
  • Credit risk management team
  • Credit reviewer
  • Relationship manager
  • Central bankers

Certification and recognition

Upon, completion and passing of the CLB & FAL Module, learners would achieve Credit Skill Assessment (CSA) Status. This achievement is certified by Omega Performance & Chartered Banker Institute (UK) and is a globally recognized Credit Performance certified Professional.

Open for Enrollment


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