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Future of Finance Fellowship – Mercedes AMG Test Drive in Stuttgart

Future of Finance Fellowship – Mercedes AMG Test Drive in Stuttgart

On May 26-27 Mercedes (Cycle & Carriage Myanmar) arranged a very special weekend for Andreas Sigurdsson of Drive magazine and a selection of VIPs from the Future of Finance Myanmar Fellowship during their trip to Germany. Spilt up over eight AMG models, the group drove for six hours around the stunning Black Forest region. The scenery was spectacular; an experience only made better by being behind the wheel of a luxurious Mercedes car, and with an AMG there is even more under the hood. The line up included AMG S63, SL 63, G 65, S 65, S 65C, G 63, GLE 63 and GLS 63.

The following morning was spent at the Mercedes-Benz museum, an impressive array of exhibitions showcasing the complete Mercedes range—paradise for anyone just even slightly interested in cars. In the afternoon the group travelled in the luxury Mercedes bus to the French city of Strasbourg, where they visited the old town and famous cathedral. With Wi-Fi, a coffee machine, and seats arranged in a sociable manner, it was no ordinary bus ride. The signage was the first indicator that the group had arrived in France, as the border crossing was barely noticeable, showing the convenience of travelling in Europe. Over the two days, the group truly experienced what Mercedes means with its saying, “The best or nothing.”

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