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Highlights of 2017

Highlights of 2017

The changes 2017 has brought are…pretty amazing. We have reached past our goals and expectations and have so much to proudly look back on. But first of all, to sort out the confusion naturally appearing when rebranding, let me explain our main change this year.

As the interest for our courses grew, we decided to divide into two centres. Myanmar Project Management Centre (MPC) is bringing Myanmar’s project management knowledge to new dimensions, while Myanmar Financial Centre (MFC) focus on developing the financial sector through professional training, certifications and international partnerships. So for everyone’s comfort, because we have a lot of nostalgic throwback material, this post is divided into two sections. MPC and MFC. We are fans of structure. 


PMP® will always be our favorite 

This year, MPC’s Project Management Professional (PMP)® course has provided certification to a number of illustrious participants, with over 1600 students having thus far passed through the centre. A pioneer in educating Myanmar’s industrial sector, a large number of managers from the Myanmar Engineering Society were recently receiving training, elevating society members to an internationally recognised standard and adding value not only to individual attendees, but to Myanmar’s engineering landscape as a whole. 

Notable MPC alumni have also attended from domestic companies MPT, Wa Minn Group and Dagon Group of Companies, plus major industry players such as City Mart, Coca-Cola, Nestlé, and Telenor… And that is just to name but a select few. 

It is our aim to mix classes, encouraging a radical process of knowledge exchange, with members from the public sector learning best practice strategies from private sector contemporaries, and vice-versa. This extensive global network provides alumni with a significant opportunity to meet professionals from across countries, sectors and companies, with MPC facilitating communication both by hosting and contributing to a number of high-level conferences throughout the year.

We love workshops 

Not only are our PMP® courses open to individuals, SME’s and corporations, but this year MPC started to work closely with governmental organisations, forging vital synergies between the public and private sectors. We have welcomed representatives from almost every national level ministry – including the Ministries of Construction, Commerce, Transport and Electricity and Energy – via our scheme ‘Building Myanmar with Project Management.’ We also work closely with regional government, and are proud to have been teaching members of both the Mandalay and Yangon City Development Committees this year.

Introducing: PMF

Project Management Fundamentals is an introduction to best practices in project management, developed by the Project Management Institute. During the two days Project Management Fundamentals program, participants will gain the skills sets necessary to lead teams and direct projects.

The last two months of 2017, we were honored to educate 400 candidates from the Department of Rural Development (DRD). A program that aims to improve the time and cost efficiency in projects to enhance livelihoods and establish sustainable resources in rural communities. The result of a cooperation between DRD and ADB, founded by World Bank.

Introducing: CAPM®    or    Jumpstart – our 2018 winner?

It is not only established career professionals that MPC supports: in June, we started empowering Myanmar citizens to enter the professional world from the moment they leave university. Our team work closely with leading universities Mandalay Technological University (MTU), Yezin Agricultural University, and Technological University, Mandalay (TUM) to radically improve prospects for new graduates, providing them with the unique opportunity to study for the prestigious Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM)® program, accredited by the Project Management Institute – the perfect head start for project managers of the future!

The employment rate of university students educated in Myanmar post graduation is extremely low. This year, we decided to make a change. To support graduates and attempt to bridge this gap, MPC is providing the opportunity for Myanmar students dramatically boost their chances of employment by providing both education in project management plus the accompanying soft skills vital for careers in finance and leadership. Our program Jumpstart is sponsored by prominent companies across a range of industries, with students being offered real work internships after completing 3-day intensive courses. Exemplifying this, our course in collaboration with Yezin University was sponsored by Asia Hlaing Kyaw Family, a foremost import / export firm in the agricultural sector, providing graduates looking to thrive in this market with an instant competitive advantage. 


A network of financial professionals

With the aim to bring together professionals from the country’s financial community, we created Myanmar Bankers Club. Organising events on a monthly basis, we are now giving professionals and aspiring bankers the chance to meet and socialise. The fast and fascinating development in the financial sector Myanmar is now experiencing is an obvious topic to address, why we often invite speakers to our events, with the aim to create discussion and extend our knowledge. We also promote a balanced, healthy lifestyle and have, in cooperation with Training Ground and several health focused restaurants arranged Yoga, Zumba and self defense classes, to name a few.

Learning from Switzerland

The next incredible achievement this year is our partnership with the Swiss-based Association of International Wealth Management (AIWM). Along with Hong Kong Securities and Investment Institute (HKSI), MFC is  the sole provider of the globally recognized Certified Wealth Manager (CWM) programme in the Asia Pacific region. Private banking and wealth management are new but rapidly growing industries in Myanmar. Together with AIWM and with support from Securities and Exchange Commission of Myanmar, MFC took a huge step to strengthen the capital market development in Myanmar as well as ensures that Myanmar-trained private bankers will be able to meet the needs of wealth owners and assist them in both local and global financial markets.

We only work with the best

In this year’s Retail Banking Classes we introduced participants from Myanmar’s leading banks to both international and native trainers. The programme is developed by the Retail Banking Academy (UK) and by working with industry professionals, the classes are successfully adapted according to the Myanmar market. Having a learning by doing mindset to most of our courses, the learning material and techniques are always based on real-life situations to directly improve work performances. 

Sharing our expertise 

The 5th Asian SME Conference took place in Naypyitaw this year. With renowned academics, senior government officials, and successful business leaders from across Asia, the number of attendees reached to around 600. Invited as a panelist, MFC’s founder and managing director Thiri Thaw shared her knowledge and thoughts on what spurs inclusive SME growth and what doesn’t.

New laws, new courses

The Myanmar Investment Law came into force this year, with the objective to develop responsible investment businesses and develop human resources as well as high functioning production, service, and trading sectors. To help entrepreneurs adjust to the new regulations and establish new businesses, we launched Myanmar Investment Law Regulatory Practices. A course ensuring its participants got sufficient knowledge to guide them confidently through Myanmar’s legal and regulatory framework and establish sound business presence in the local market.

Supporting our favorite children

Mary Chapman School for the Deaf is a place close to our hearts. The school was founded 1920 by Mary Chapman, who had come from Britain to teach international sign language and has students aged between six and 18. They provide an elementary and secondary curriculum as well as vocational training and courses in crafts and shiatsu massage, sewing, dressmaking, knitting, embroidery, computing and cooking to over-17-year-olds. Impressed by the principal’s and teachers’ dedicated work and the children’s eagerness to learn, we are regular visitors. This year, apart from our regular donations, we had the opportunity to throw two fundraisings, donating all profits to the school!

MFC + 2018 = International learning opportunities?

Escaping the heavy rain earlier this year, MFC went to Europe to pay a visit to one of Germany’s leading schools in finance and management, Frankfurt School. Providing innovative and inspiring programmes to empower managers across all industries, we are excited to see what 2018 will bring…

Warm thanks to everyone who acknowledged, supported and followed our journey of 2017. It has been a fantastic year. 


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