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The 1st Myanmar Women Leaders Program 2019 is designed to equip influential businesswomen with the tools they need to increase their leadership impact and create lasting personal and professional change. 2019 the program will take place across four countries – Dubai, Switzerland, Germany and Italy in May.

By visiting foundations and companies in different countries, the program aims to maximize the participants’ leadership effectiveness through exposing her to different cultures and a unique combination of talks, workshops and networking. The program’s goal is also to bringing Myanmar women leaders together for networking, personal growth and bonding through social and cultural activities.

There are many women with potential to have great impact in our country, this program is to equip THEM make a difference AND also to inspire other women to do the samE

The Myanmar Women Leaders Program is only for selected individuals who already are, or can make, a significant contribution towards women empowerment in Myanmar and support to the country’s economic development.

The program highlights include:

  • A curriculum including valuable leadership and management sessions, corporate governance with insightful speakers
  • Visits to leading academic institutions, foundations and women associations in Dubai, Munich, Stuttgart, Zurich and Milan
  • Meetings with respected business people and leaders such Ms Licia Mattioli from jewelry company MATTIOLI as well as leading Governance expert Mr Hilb of St Gallen University.
  • Experience of the rich culture of both the Middle East and Europe through historic cities, traditional foods, cultural activities, shopping and other social events.
  • A “Woman in Leadership” Certificate awarded with partner universities and associations after completion of the program

The program has strong support from the embassies of Germany, Switzerland and Italy.

How to Join?

If you are interested to be part of the Myanmar Women Leaders Program, please nominate yourself at the below form: