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Commercial Lending


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Business Lending Fundamentals

The small business market offers the opportunity to invest in the communities you serve while building lasting, mutually beneficial relationships with the business owners and professionals who support them. This course helps organizations tap into this lucrative market by providing the skills needed to successfully evaluate potential relationships with small businesses and establish credibility with their owners.


Commercial Loans to Businesses


OVERVIEW To increase commercial loan profits and decrease portfolio risks, organizations need commercial lenders and credit analysts who can effectively identify and mitigate loan risks, make sound credit decisions, and create profitable client relationships. This course provides a comprehensive foundation in commercial lending skills and enables your organization to compete successfully in the commercial business […]


Financial Accounting for Lenders

1 day Benny Kumar

While accountants must learn to prepare financial statements, lenders must learn to deconstruct them
to understand their impact on the company’s financial health. This course presents accounting from the
lender’s point of view, and demonstrates the skills participants need in order to make informed credit
analysis decisions. Participants also learn the complex accounting principles used by large corporations.